Celebrities Who Have Had A Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has long been a celebrity thing. Today that exclusivity no longer exists. The techniques have improved dramatically and the results are so good they seem natural . We give you some examples of celebrities who have had a rhinoplasty with more than satisfactory results.

Some Of The Celebrities Who Have Had A Rhinoplasty

There are different types of operations that are not aesthetic and therefore cannot be considered rhinoplasties. For example, the removal of obstructions or the straightening of the nasal septum are considered septoplasties .

There is also a type of intervention that combines the two types. Some patients take advantage of a septoplasty to also perform a rhinoplasty. This type of surgery is called a septorhinoplasty . It has the advantage that it is not necessary to go through the operating room twice or suffer two postoperative periods.

Once it is clear what a rhinoplastyis , we will show you some of the celebrities who have had a rhinoplasty. In many cases the change is evident and the result is totally satisfactory.

    • Elsa Pataki . Elsa Pataki is one of the actresses who have undergone surgery to sculpt her nose. His change of face is more than evident when you look back. Now his nose is smaller and sharper .
    • Scarlett Johansson . Another of the cases in which the change is very evident is Scarlett Johansson. The result is very good and natural. The actress decided to remove part of the bridge and touch up the tip of her nose.
    • Penelope Cruz . Another national actress who has undergone surgery to retouch her nose is Penelope Cruz. It is not the only touch-up it has undergone, but it is one of the most obvious and satisfactory .
    • Jennifer Aniston . Another of the foreign actresses who has transformed her nose is Jennifer Aniston. Your surgeon has done an excellent job , as you look younger every year. One of the things that attracted the most attention was her rhinoplasty, thanks to which she achieved a natural and more harmonious face .
    • Patrick Dempsey . Not only women get rhinoplasty. Some men go under the knife to soften the features of their face. One of the cases is that of Patrick Dempsey. He reduced the size of his nose in an inconspicuous way, so as not to lose his expression.
  • Zacefron . Another man who underwent rhinoplasty was ZacEfron. The young man has made a radical change after the intervention.