The Before And After Megan Fox

Today it’s time to analyze the evolution of Megan Fox , a beautiful woman who spoiled her perfect beauty because of the retouching. What surgeries has Megan Fox had? Looking at their photos, some conclusions can be drawn.

After studying acting,  at age 15 he landed a role in his first movie.  And after several minor jobs, he appeared in a chapter of Two and a Half Men . She was later hired to act in a television series that was canceled after two seasons.

At that time she was a pretty girl but with many mistakes in her personal grooming, which happens to all women: artificial tan, eyeliner applied badly and excessively, bright shadows, reddish reflections in her hair … Still, Megan it had the great advantage of possessing basic beauty in great quantity.

In 2007 Megan Fox became a celebrity thanks to her role in Transformers . Her sexy and aggressive beauty surprised and attracted attention.  Megan was fully into her transition to absolutely spectacular woman, for which she needed fixes such as breast augmentation, trying a new brow design and discreetly filling in her upper lip.

Thanks to the promotion of that movie, we can see how much Megan Fox changed in a matter of a few months.

His nose was a problem. From the front it was not bad, but in profile it was a bit aquiline. That could spoil the angles of many photos. A complete rhinoplasty, in which you have to touch the septum, tip, cartilage or nostrils, is something risky that can change the face a lot. In Megan Fox’s case, it was just a matter of fixing the septum.

At the end of that same year, Megan Fox already had a new profile. Since it was only about filing the bone, the result was 100% natural and the recovery time was fast . As you can see in the image, between before and after that year there are barely three months of difference.

Then only a little cosmetic work was necessary. Filing and whitening teeth, facials, peels and lasers to blur acne marks, more sophisticated makeup … And in 2008 we already had a Megan Fox with a beauty that bordered on perfection. The industry was delighted to have a new Angelina Jolie.

Those were his best years in the media. His face was everywhere. It was featured on the covers of fashion magazines every month. The paparazzi chased her day and night. She went as a guest to the most important events in Hollywood. If she wasn’t a good actress, she wasn’t a big deal either. With that beauty, he didn’t need much more.

In late 2009,  Megan began showing symptoms of touch-up addiction . He appeared with a bright forehead, a tight face, and one eye more open than the other.

Megan denied having undergone any surgery or filling. But all the alarms had already gone off. It was weird and very swollen. He had done something to his face.

And tachán. In 2010 Megan Fox appeared at the Jonax Hex premiere with a deformed and swollen face. The photos went around the world. But what has been done? , they asked themselves. What happened? Although at first it was not known what had been touched, later it was published in the press that the change was… in the cheekbones.

Megan Fox had made the mistake of undergoing surgery that she didn’t need. Photographs show that he was wearing large implants. Large cheekbones change the face completely, because the difference affects the cheeks, the facial oval and the shape of the eyes.

If the operation goes wrong, the entire skin of the face is stretched, leaving that look of a 60-year-old lady with a cat face that has had a facelift.

If we look at old photos of Megan, we can see that she did indeed have poor cheekbones. But so what? Who says cheekbones are necessary for beauty? Megan had gotten past greedy. With perfect beauty, he wanted more. Logically, the result, as it was impossible to improve, could only get worse.

Megan Fox’s Face Has Improved A Bit Over The Years. It is clear that he has tried to fix the mess and has made some progress. From time to time he has very good days, when he seems to be better.

That makes us sometimes see her more beautiful, like when she attended the premiere of the Ninja Turtles and the delivery of the Kid’s Choice Awards. She was very reminiscent of the Megan of the past.

But the truth is, it ‘s hard to go back.  Those implants can no longer be removed, because the effect would be even worse. They have already settled and stuck to the bone. Taking them out would destroy his face entirely.

You have to wonder why such a perfect woman wanted to continue having surgery to change the perfection that genetics and luck had given her.

Now, Megan Fox leads a quiet life, away from the spotlight and focused on her children. He shoots a couple of movies every two or three years to earn big money to give his family a good standard of living. Not all actresses who have disappeared after their moment of glory can say the same.