Changing Situation of Chile National Football Team

For Chile national team, the 2022 World Cup will start in Scandinavia. The team will play their football matches against Sweden and Denmark national football teams in the following days. In the beginning of this month, Rueda says, “There will be a big challenge for footballers of Chile side. The aim of Chile national football team is to write splendid history than their previous footballers. The Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel and Mauricio Isla are still contributing to their national football team.

Coming from the same team playing for the 2007 Under-20 World Cup, these four World Cup, the joining of these four excellent footballers, forming the only great football team, which has won some silverware in football games. Most footballers in same age have run out of many national football teams at the 2018 FIFA qualifications. Rueda has recognized the difficulty in the respect; he knew much difficulties to take place the generation of Carlos Valderrama and company. He also know something difficulty about to replace the Teofilo Cubillas and his team. And efforts made by Paraguay side.

Although the national football team performed well in international football matches while their sequences of domestic game are sub-par. So it’s not promising to sign these footballers from this angle. In many football matches like Copa Libertadores football game and South America’s Champions League, only one Chile national football team has went through the group phase and enter into the last 16. Among many national football teams, there is no poorer team except for Venezuela and Peru national football team.

The phenomena reappeared once again this year. As the equivalent to Europa League, the Copa Sudamericana is also an important competition for some national teams, including the Chile national team. In the Copa Sudamericana, club Everton was ruled out for the sake of Caracas of Venezuela; Union Espanola lost at Sport Huancayo of Peru at the same time.

Universidad Concepcion were kicked out of the home and away by Vasco da Gama in the qualifying round of the Libertadores. The domestic champion Santiago giants Colo Colo lost to Atletico Nacional of Colombia at home. Nevertheless, there is still a ray of hope last week. Universidad de Chile side have beat Vasco 1-0 in Rio de Janeiro. This time win is not only the morale booster, but also an impressive performances of the goal scorer Angelo Araos.

The young striker aged 21 is playing his first season with football club giant Santiago, after leaving a deep impression to Antofagasta in the north. In the football game, he won many football fans for his outstanding performances. As an argentine, the manager of Angel Guillermo Hoyos have helped Lionel Messi to a certain extent in Barcelona’s youth sides.

Having impressed by the performances and ability of Araos, the guy was compared to a great Uruguayan Enzo Francescoli for his unique charm. As a member of Reinaldo Rueda’s first squad, he has made great contributions to his football team in various football games.